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Our organization began in 2012.

The mission was simple : We wanted to find an effective, creative and tanigable way to bless children in need. 

“Creative Blessings” became the name for our organization as we prayerfully considered what we would call ourselves. We wanted a name with meaning and purpose and we felt that Creative Blessings would describe our hearts cry . We wanted to be the hands and feet of Jesus by blessing those in need.  We soon realized that those needs would vary greatly based on each individual child and family so we might need to become "Creative" and we would always need to be attentive to where and whom the Holy Spirit would lead us .

Initially, "Creative Blessings"started by supplying less fortunate children with soccer equipment and dropping off an occasional gift card to families in need. The smiles on their faces told us that we were headed in the right direction . We had become the literal "hands" and  “feet” of Jesus.  The blessings that were flowing out only made us want to do more . 

So as of April 2014 “Creative Blessings” has officially become a Non-Profit 501C3 organization and we have launched a campaign to take our vision from the local level to one that also reaches around the world .

As you can see from the flow charts below, we have expanded the vision to work closely with partners in Ohio as well as with missionaries in Ghana,  Africa.

In Ohio, our Board of Directors will continue to fund projects for children and families who need to feel Christ’s love in a tangible and practical manner.

 We believe that when you help the least of  these, the windows of heaven open up and “Creative Blessings” flow.
















Missions Ohio Activities


Creative Blessings has teamed up with some fantastic individuals and Orginizations in our area who are willing to help and bring exciting activities to children.


​Most of our activities will take place at Koinonia Camp!









We want to bless those who are less fortunate and might not be able to participate in extra curricular activities due to the cost involved . We will continue to add activities to our calendar throughout the year .



Dan Garry

Tammy Greathouse

Todd Greathouse

Kevin Keeney

Kristen Keeney

Charles Levkulich

Robert Meredith 

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