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Please click on the link below and it will take you to the sponsor a child page to see how it works.











If you are looking for a great cause to invest your time in, we would love to talk with you!




In Ghana, we support and sponsor children of all ages. We start our sponsorships at the nursery school level and continue thru the four year technical school program. 


Here are the current stats and population figures for the Royal Gospel School :


Nursery School -  94

Junior High-  412

Senior High Tech School-  45

49% of children are unable to afford schooling in this region.


 Since the school is located in a highly populated Muslim area of Ghana many students who embrace the Gospel are asked to leave their homes or renounce their faith immediately !

Without a sponsor many are left to live on the streets alone and hopeless, 

wondering if the God with whom they have committed their future even knows that they exist .

The Royal Gospel School can provide a safe haven where these children will be loved & nurtured while going thru the discipleship, child/youth evangelism and christian leadership training .

After four years they can go out into the world with a firm foundation and confident in a God who loves them .

They will be better prepared to support themselves and can look forward with hope to a bright and blessed future.



If you would like more information on the cost of sponsorship please email us at





As a corporate sponsor your donation of $200 or more per calendar year will go towards meeting the direct needs of the Royal Gospel School Students or the Children of Ohio.

Please go to PROJECTS to see what exciting thigns we are doing here in Ohio and Ghana.







Please know that if you donate to Creative Blessings that 100% of your tax deductible donation will go directly to bless a child in need . 



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