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Ghana Science Center: 



Creative Blessings has teamed up with our sponsored Ghana School to help build a new science center. The Science Center will be a great tool to educate the children on campus.



Science Center Update 8/11/17


  • The Science Center will provide never seen before Anatomy Items such as Heart and lung models. The first time the kids seen a model of the heart they were trying to get their hands on it to feel it, this was so eye opening for them.

  • Only about 2% of the Government schools provide Science to students.

  • The center is currently building their curriculum that is made possible by uploads from the internet. We continue to thank all the Creative Blessings donors that helped us purchase computers for the computer center there at the school.

  • The Science Center is working alongside the Syllabus of Ghana Education Services to take some of the load off the current teachers.


Construction Update:


  • Currently Joseph has crews finishing up the left wing of the structure as the center. It is roofed, windows fixed, doors fixed, plastered and painting is done.

  • Middle Wing: The doors need to be fixed but is roofed.

  • Right Wing: Is roofed still waiting on funds for plastering doors and windows.

  • Science Library: Roofing, Plastering, doors and windows done and still needs some paint.

  • Teamed up with Tema Harbor out of Michigan has supplied Science Books.


Stay Tuned as we continue to help Joseph (our missionary) continue to build the new Science Center.



If you would like to help and donate to the building fund fo the children hit the donate button below.


















               Picture of the heart                                                 Picture of kids touching heart                                        Picture of the heart 


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