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We are so excited to be launching our new outreach this week for children right here in Lake County. Creative Blessings will now be providing children that come into the Foster Care system with their very own “Cuddle Kit”!


Our Cuddle Kits were inspired by a sweet little boy named Carter who came into our lives on January 15, 2016 and changed our lives forever!


Carter came to us with very little and the belongings he did have were very precious to him, those items were handed to us in a single black garbage bag.  As my husband rushed to Wal-Mart to buy the essentials like underwear, clothing, shoes & pajamas I tried to find things in my home that I thought this little boy might enjoy.  We brought out a few toys, books, blocks, balls and other items that we had put away in storage to try and ease him into his first night with us.


I will never forget that first night , his little eyes were full of tears and my heart was breaking for him as he laid in this strange new place crying for his Mommy.


The reality is that children placed in Foster Care are often abruptly removed from their homes. As you can imagine this is a very traumatic event filled with sadness for any child.  They immediately begin to try and navigate being moved into a different environment with new sounds, smells and faces.  It leaves them feeling alone, misplaced and like the world they have known is spinning out of control.

Creative Blessings wanted to try an offer a solution and be a part of each child’s journey. Our hope and desire is to ease the transition of the move by providing things in our Kit that children might find comforting.


Each child will receive a drawstring backpack so they can take it with them wherever they go to transport their belongings … no more black garbage bag.  Inside the backpack they will find items like a new blanket, stuffed animal, flashlight, and nightlight to help add comfort to the new rooms where they will be sleeping. Younger children will be provided a coloring book and crayons while older kids will receive a new journal, pens and some puzzle books. Personal care items like a hairbrush, chapstick, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste will also be provided.


We have started our Cuddle Kits with a few of the basic items we think would be most beneficial and comforting to these kids but we want to continue to grow our kits! Our prayer is that each Kit will be the arms of Jesus outstretched around each and every child that receives it.

At Creative Blessings we love children! Our desire has always been to change, enhance and transform the lives of children locally in Ohio and around the world. The desire to be the hands and feet of Jesus is what drives us to find effective, creative and tangible ways to bless children in need. We hope you will be in prayer for us, the children of Lake County and join us in our new mission!


Please click on the donate button and in the comment section you can write “Carter Cuddle Kits” if you would like to donate.


Thank you,


The Creative Blessings Team

We are a 501 © 3 nonprofit organization and all donations will be tax deductible.

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